Tiny Containers…Big Problem 21-Day Fix Day 2

So Here it is…day 2 of the 21-Day Fix. Have you seen these?tiny containers big problem

Now, I totally get it…we’re shooting for “portion control” and of course ultimately to change a bad habit of over-eating the wrong foods. Why oh why would they limit your green container? The green container is for non-starchy veggies….YAY! We all know that vegetables should be the base of a sound nutrition plan..so why limit your amount? Lettuce, kale, arugula..should all be FREE FOODS! Please pass the cauliflower and the broccoli and do not limit my serving..of course unless they are covered in cheese. Ha!

The fact is…I’m hungry. I exercise like a maniac and I’m hungry and getting cranky. So I am going to break the rules and allow myself more than 4 containers of veggies. I am a believer and a big fan of the BIG SALAD! Lots of green leafies and veggies. I will continue to use my “tiny containers” for things like nuts, avocado, and oils…but with my famous “Jet Fuel Dressing”…there is no oil….so…

2 days in…1 lb down (probably water) and I’m cranky. Stay tuned!

P.S. The Shakeology Vegan Strawberry shake is awesome.. I added some berries, almond milk, and kale…So far..best tasting shake on the market!

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