So many cleanses…which one is the best one?

I am often asked about nutrition and while I believe this is out of my personal scope of practice, the truth is that I have over 20 hours of nutrition study. Unfortunately this is more than most physicians get while in school.

I have always believed in whole real food. I also believe in a mainly plant-based nutrition plan. I do not use the word, “diet”. I hate that word and it’s a word that is now banned from our home.

Cleansing seems to be the hot hot trend right now. So… which ones are best? Which one works long term? Which actually teaches better eating habits? Is it just a quick fix to a bigger issue?

Stay tuned as I personally dive into trying several of the hottest cleanses/programs on the market. You will hear the good, bad, positive, negative, and TRUTH about my experiences.

First up: Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix.

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