A New Year Means Trying New Things….Orangetheory Fitness ROCKS!

I’ve never been the early adopter. After some time, finally Orangetheory Fitness became accessible to me. With 2 studios opening in Reno (only a hop skip and a jump from Truckee), I was finally able to take this workout for a test drive. What I discovered was so much more than just a workout.

First let’s talk about the workout itself and then we can discuss the “theory” behind it. Most Orangetheory studios look the same, but vary in size. The South Reno location is blessed with a very large space. The beauty of the workout is its simplicity. Treadmills, Rowers, and a variety of strength training equipment that includes some of my personal faves like TRX and BOSU! The Orange 60 workout is a 60 minute circuit. Cardio training is performed by combining running (or power walking) on soft-step treadmills with rowing on another piece of my favorite equipment, The Water Rower.

I arrived early so that my fabulous trainer, Coach Rebecca, could explain how the workout actually works. I was immediately greeted with smiles and enthusiasm. It’s been a long time since I have felt more welcome by a gym. This had what I call “The wow factor”. They had me at “Hello”. I was given a heart rate monitor and quickly learned what the “Orange Theory” is all about. When the class started, I felt confident and comfortable.

It was like a game! The goal was to stay in my orange training zone and sustain that effort as long as possible to earn what they call SPLAT POINTS! Being that I am a competitive person, this was a fabulous motivation for me. I wanted those Splat Points and I was determined to beat the goal of 12!

I chose to start out with strength training following a paced warm-up on the rower. The room went from cold to very warm quickly! I watched my heart rate on the monitor move slowly into my training zone. Then the game began….. How could I get my training pace into the orange zone and stay there? During the strength portion of class, we were given a series of 3 or 4 exercises. A large video monitor showing demonstrations of these exercises made it easy to follow. Coach Rebecca was on hand ready to correct, motivate, and enhance the workout. I loved that she was able to help me with my form and still pay attention to the other 20 people in the room. Within a time limit, you complete sets of each exercise – 12 reps of each…. then 14 reps of each…then 16 reps of each. We always had permission to take breaks, get water, and move on. Each person knowing that the ultimate goal was to stay in that ORANGE ZONE! By the time I finished the strength portion of class, I had 10 Splat Points! I wanted more!

On to the treadmills for the cardiovascular challenge. Each round had a running/walking/rowing distance to hit. We started with a .5 mile run on the treadmills, which I was able to job comfortably. Once that was complete, I made my way over to my rower to row my first distance. As the distances got shorter, the intensity grew bigger. I often caught myself in the red anaerobic zone and had to dial back my intensity to get back into my orange zone. I had 20 Spat Points on the board going into the last round. On the last round, I decided to power walk up a 10% incline. For those with knee or hip issues, this is a sound option. This workout truly works for every body!

What they say about their “Theory” – “Our heart-rate monitored, high-intensity workout is scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy. We call it the afterburn.”

Let’s talk about this. I’m a science girl, so this was right up my ally. The afterburn they speak of is actually referred to as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) The idea is that we continue burning calories at an increased rate after exercise. While I am a firm believer that HIIT training is better for increased EPOC, a steady-state workout like this does more for EPOC than most others. Why? Variety! The variety of exercises, strength, running, rowing, walking and thinking….yep..brain work… make this workout a standout.

My trusty apple watch told me that I burned approximately 534 calories during the workout. I earned 23 Spat Points and held onto a good average heart rate for my age. They calculated that I burned about 413 calories. I am guessing that their calculation was more accurate. In addition, I would probably burn another 200 in EPOC. All in all… a good return on my investment.

Finally, let’s talk about the fun factor. This workout is a blast! No fancy choreography to remember or put together, great music, intense exercise yet doable, and outstanding coaching! Rebecca made a great workout into something fun and exciting. Watching her run around the studio connecting with each and every participant was inspiring The attention she gave to me personally, made me feel special. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt that in a group class setting. As an instructor, it is always my goal to connect with each person in my class so they not only feel welcome, but successful. Not many instructors take this to heart..and often it can be a challenge for instructors who are busy demonstrating the steps or those that consider a class their own workout. At OTF, coaches are exactly that…COACHES! It isn’t their workout at all. They are working the room in order to enhance the experience of participants. What a refreshing concept!

Orangetheory Fitness is on the right track and I am excited for my next class. Congratulations Orangetheory Reno and welcome to our area!

Orangtheory Fitness has

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