21-Day Fix Day 7 – It’s working and I know why!

First…I have to explain my reasons for not liking the majority of the workout DVDs that come with this program.   For me, it’s personal.  I need someone (not on TV) to yell at me…motivate me…inspire me…and coach me.  I’m just that way.  Never under value having a personal trainer, instructor, or coach to guide you on a journey like this.   With that said, I can not recommend this program as a stand-alone. I recommend it along side having a personal trainer or taking a fitness class with a live person at least 3 times per week.




Now for the good news…7 days in…5 lbs. down.  At first it was tough sticking to the small portions and following the recommended menu…HOWEVER  with all I know about nutrition, I have been able to play with the portions, adjust calories, and make the menu work for me.   Here is what I’ve learned..

  1.  It doesn’t take much to fill you up if you eat the right foods!  High fiber/low fat/think green leafy veggies!
  2. The shake is not a meal for me, but a convenient option that curbs my appetite, satisfies my sweet tooth, and makes me feel energized.  Shakeology ROCKs!  I am a total fan!   (FYI – I am doing the Vegan shakes)
  3. Just enough good fats.  I love that I can eat avocado and add enough fats to make me feel more satiated.
  4. I love nuts..and guess what…they’re allowed….but it has taught me how many is enough!
  5. I no longer eat meat.  It’s been a year and it’s no longer a challenge for me.  I do not label myself as Vegan or even Vegetarian, but as someone who prefers a plant-based diet.  I DO eat fish from time to time.  This program has an option for me and my people!
  6. I can drink wine!   I haven’t been, but I could if I wanted to….so there’s that!
  7. I do drink coffee.  It’s not recommended…but I can’t and will not give it up.  It’s okay…this program still loves me.
  8. PORTION CONTROL – This is the key to life…to success…to everything.  So much easier said, than done…but over time it can and will become a habit.  This program teaches this lesson very well.

There is more to come…so stay tuned.   So far…rating this program at a strong  *7*


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