21 Day Fix…Day 18

Well it’s almost over…but I can’t say that I feel any sense of relief or that anything for me will change dramatically once we are officially past 21 days.

My workout routine didn’t really have to change much.   I have the DVD’s but will probably give most of them away because I’m feeling fairly confident that I can workout on my own and there are other things I enjoy more than jumping around in my living room with my dog and cats.  For the non-mover, this could be thing that gets them moving..and eventually builds their confidence enough to head to a gym or studio for personalized coaching.

Portion control was the name of the game for me.  The 21 Day Fix gets a thumbs up for teaching people how to eat and manage real food in the real world.  The shakes are yummy and I plan to keep them on hand as a quick and easy meal replacement option.  They key to this program are those nasty little containers….which now on day 18 I realize aren’t nasty at all.   I personally went from 4 green containers to 8, but hey… I love eating like a bunny.

The coaching – I was lucky. I have had a great coach that was supportive, but totally understood that I wasn’t the typical client.  All “coaches” should be just that.   I would urge them to pursue a personal trainer certification or health coach certification.   I would also never council or advise someone about nutrition unless I was a licensed nutritionist or registered dietician.  Just sayin.  What makes “A”  a great coach is that she knows what is in her scope of practice and what isn’t.  She coaches based on personal experience with he program and the knowledge she has being a fitness professional.  Beachbody should try to clone her.  Some of the coaches out there scare me a little.  Sorry…#truth

As a fitness professional, I have to give props to Beachbody and this program.  Why? Because they are boldly going where most at-home programs don’t really go.  They make moving and eating healthy more accessible and far more engaging.   Do I feel it’s taking away from gyms and personal trainers?  Not at all!   My advice to the novice would be to take this program as a “starter”.  Let it be the first 21 days of the rest of your life.  Eventually the portions will grow larger because the workouts will become longer and more challenging.

Ultimately, our goal is to get people living healthy.  This program gives people an honest and realistic start!

3 days left!  8 lbs down21-day-fix-color-coded-containers-types-of-foods

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